A Stellar Attorney who knows How to Work with OPM and Provides Caring and Knowledgeable Client Advice

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I was truly blessed to find Mr. McGill when I was at my wit’s end, very sick with PTSD and knew I could no longer perform my job with the Department of Defense, but I had no clue what to do next; Mr. McGill did, and I sincerely thank him!!

I would honestly give him 10 stars, if able, because he is an overall phenomenal attorney who specializes and excels in ONLY Federal Disability Retirement. Plus, he cares about those whom he is representing!

I feel he is unmatched in his legal acumen and very familiar with the routine players at OPM and the convoluted forms and processes which make it very clear you are most likely in for a fight for a benefit to which you are fully entitled!!

Mr. McGill becomes your fist line of defense in whom you can trust to have your best interests at heart and will always reply to your emails and/or phone calls within 24 hours and most often, real time, which is extremely helpful when you have extreme anxiety about your financial future and ability to take care of your medical expenses!!

He helped me through a lot of form requirements that I could not even become to comprehend due to my PTSD.
Before hiring him, I read a lot of his reviews and articles and thought he sounded too good to be true so I was hesitant to hire him; however, that’s NOT the case. He is truly as good as all of his reviews indicate!!

He is the SOLE reason I have FINALLY been awarded my Federal Disability Retirement after initial denial where OPM appeared to have not read anything we sent, and then, our subsequent appeal.

His superior skills resulted in an exemplary, well written appeal focused on my disabilities, and I was approved in approximately 2 weeks after Attorney McGill submitted our appeal!!

He is not afraid to be extremely frank and brutally honest with OPM to get your case approved!

Again, We WON — I have officially received my Federal Disability Retirement, courtesy of Mr. McGill!!

Mr. McGill is beyond amazing; he’s real; paramount in his abilities, responsive and very caring!

I thank Mr. McGill for all his efforts, caring, unparalleled wisdom and intelligence because he literally changed me and my family’s lives!!

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