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My experience with Mr. McGill was very satisfying for many reasons. First, when you hire Mr. McGill, you get Mr. McGill, a lawyer with more than 30 years experience in the business. It is easy to become infatuated with the website of other disability groups who have partners with hundreds of years of combined experience in the field. Understand that when you hire a group like that, there is a decent chance they will assign the most inexperienced junior associate to your case. This happened to me; it was very frustrating. When I called Mr. McGill, he answered the phone personally 80% of the time on the second or third ring! When I did get his voicemail, he called me back before COB. He responded to my emails within an hour or two. Once I left an email for him Sunday evening so it would be in his inbox when he got there Monday morning. He still emailed me back that Sunday within a couple hours! I personally have never experienced this high superior level of client communication with any other lawyer/firm. You can contact him all you want, and you won’t receive an extra bill. Trust me. You will want to speak with him frequently. This process is extremely stressful and prolonged and his knowledgeable calming words go along way with soothing your stress (which will be considerable and long lasting). In the beginning, I would Google specific questions that I could not find with the general articles on the subject. I discovered, in retrospect. that a plurality of the time, Mr. McGill had actually written the most helpful articles. Mr. McGill wrote all the required essays for me on all the standard forms. He made sure that every document was properly submitted with all the required information. He knows every criteria required for approval. He knows everything they want to hear and how they want to hear it. He made sure that was all in my package with no errors that would entice OPM to kick it back to square one. Once my application was at OPM, Mr. McGill would call them frequently to request that my application be expedited. It must have worked, because I hired him on May 18 and I was approved on November 1. OPM is looking for the slightest excuse in the book to reject your application. I would never go through this process without a lawyer helping me. After enduring the process myself, I strongly recommend you hire Mr. McGill.

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