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OPM Disability Retirement: A 5-Step Pathway to Success

The essential principle behind Federal Disability Retirement is twofold: (A) recognition that individuals may become disabled, through medical conditions or injuries which impact one’s ability to continue in the chosen vocation in the Federal Sector, combined with (B) a progressive acknowledgment that the mere fact that one is disabled, should not mean that the disabled individual cannot potentially remain productive in another vocation, capacity, or employment sector.

Sticking to Basic Approaches is the Road to Success

The preparation, formulation, and finalization prior to filing a Federal Disability Retirement application, whether under FERS (the Federal Employees Retirement System) or CSRS (Civil Service Retirement System), should be sufficiently reviewed and carefully scrutinized prior to submission to the Agency of the Federal Employee (if still employed or separated but not more than 31 days) or the H.R. Shared Services Center for the Postal Employee (in Greensboro, North Carolina, where all Postal Disability Retirement applications are processed….

FAQs about OPM Disability Retirement

The following are some “Frequently Asked Questions”.  Most of these questions are answered in greater detail in my articles, which you may read in the section entitled Articles.  However, below are some questions and answers for your convenience. What is Federal or OPM Disability Retirement? Federal Disability Retirement is a benefit accorded to all Federal […]

Extremely patient and passionate

Extremely patient and passionate

Robert is an excellent attorney! I hired him to push through the administrative morass of federal disability retirement. His experience and expertise in this particular field is unparalleled. Furthermore, he was extremely patient and promptly passionate in answering all of my inane questions and concerns during the entire process. He prepared me for the likely […]

CSRS: §831.1207 Withdrawal Of Disability Retirement Applications

§831.1207 Withdrawal Of Disability Retirement Applications Title 5 – Part 831 L: Disability Retirement (CSRS) (a) OPM will honor, without question, an applicant’s request to withdraw an employee-filed disability retirement application if it receives the withdrawal request before the employing agency has separated the current employee, or, if the employee has already separated from the […]

CSRS: §831.1209 Termination Of Disability Annuity Because Of Restoration To Earning Capacity

§831.1209 Termination Of Disability Annuity Because Of Restoration To Earning Capacity Title 5 – Part 831 L: Disability Retirement (CSRS) (a) Restoration to earning capacity. If a disability annuitant is under age 60 on December 31 of any calendar year and his or her income from wages or self-employment or both during that calendar year […]


Federal Disability Lawyer You are invited to read the articles I have recently written concerning various aspects of the Federal Disability Retirement process in the following websites:  FedSmith, EzineArticles, Postal Reporter, or you can visit and view my new blogs (updated daily) on Federal Administrative Law at Lexis Nexis’ Then, call me for a free telephone consultation to […]

5 Primary Reasons for a FERS Disability Retirement Denial

As a general rule, denials will normally be sent by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management by Certified Mail with a signature requirement. If the correspondence is otherwise received by regular mail with no such signature requirement, it is likely either a request for additional information or an approval. Preliminarily, it is crucial to point out that a Federal employee or U.S. Postal worker who receives a denial in response to an application for Federal Disability Retirement benefits must file a Request for Reconsideration within 30 days of the date of the Denial Letter — NOT 30 days from the receipt of the denial.

OPM Medical Retirement: A Federal and Postal Challenge

Federal Disability Retirement is a benefit available for all Federal employees and U.S. Postal Workers, whether under FERS, CSRS, or CSRS Offset. So long as minimal eligibility requirements are met – 18 months of Federal Service for FERS employees, and 5 years for CSRS (which, given the nature of the old CSRS system, one assumes that anyone from that bygone era will necessarily have met that criteria) – the prefatory threshold for filing can begin; but beyond, the complexity of the law, the preponderance of the evidence to meet, the bridging nexus to formulate, and the administrative procedures to follow.

He specializes in one thing and one thing only

He specializes in one thing and one thing only

Mr. McGill personally represented me for my Federal Disability case. He specializes in one thing and one thing only, all aspects of Federal Disability and he is an expert. When I lost some brain functioning as well, Mr. McGill not only helped me with the myriad of forms required, but helped me to understand the […]

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