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OPM Disability Retirement Package: The Sequence of SF 3112 Series of Forms

Conformity is a natural reaction for most individuals. That is not a criticism; rather, it is merely a statement of fact. Thus, if we are given a list of things to do, even if the sequence of A, B & C is randomly selected and illogically mandated, we tend to follow the linear instructions imposed. Take a simple example: A, straighten up your room; B, change the vacuum cleaner bag, C, vacuum the stairs. Now, a moment of pause may have you switch B & C — depending upon a contingency which requires a quick inspection.

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Preparing, Formulating, and Filing for FERS Disability Retirement benefits

Federal and Postal employees who are attempting to prepare, formulate, and file a Federal Disability Retirement application under FERS & CSRS must somehow endeavor to “put it all together” in order to meet the 7-part criteria which the Office of Personnel Management has extracted and extrapolated pursuant to (so they claim) Sections 844.101 to 844.404 of Title 5, Code of Federal Regulations (for those under FERS) and similar provisions for those under CSRS (which is becoming a rarer animal close to extinction).

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SF 3112A – OPM

The central focus of preparing a Federal Disability Retirement application under FERS or CSRS is the Applicant’s Statement of Disability – the Standard Form 3112A. All applicants who are filing for Federal Disability Retirement benefits must complete this form – regardless of whether one is under FERS or CSRS. It is a daunting, foreboding (and some would say, forbidding) form. People approach this form with fear and loathing, and for very good reasons: It requires the applicant to discuss the most personal aspects of the case: one’s medical condition and the impact of one’s medical conditions upon one’s job.

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Applicant’s Statement of Disability

Standard Form 3112A (Applicant’s Statement of Disability) is a form requiring the disability retirement applicant to state his or her injury or disease; to describe how the injury or disease “interferes with the performance” of one’s duties, attendance or conduct; and further asks one to describe “any other restrictions” of any activities which may be imposed by the disease or injury.

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