Federal Employee Disability Retirement Law

Tag: Avoiding inconsistencies in your FERS Disability Retirement claim

OPM Disability Retirement Package: The Sequence of SF 3112 Series of Forms

Conformity is a natural reaction for most individuals. That is not a criticism; rather, it is merely a statement of fact. Thus, if we are given a list of things to do, even if the sequence of A, B & C is randomly selected and illogically mandated, we tend to follow the linear instructions imposed. Take a simple example: A, straighten up your room; B, change the vacuum cleaner bag, C, vacuum the stairs. Now, a moment of pause may have you switch B & C — depending upon a contingency which requires a quick inspection.

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3 Basic Elements to Avoid in Preparing a Federal Disability Retirement Case

Filing for Federal Disability Retirement requires planning, preparation and foresight. It is first and foremost a “paper presentation” to the Office of Personnel Management and, as such, unless it goes to the Third Stage of the Process – the Merit Systems Protection Board – the Federal or Postal employee who files for Federal Disability Retirement benefits, whether under FERS or CSRS, will not have an opportunity to personally plead his or her case as to the validity, persuasiveness or merits of the case.

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