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  Misnomers and the OPM’s Disability, Reconsideration & Appeals Division
08/01/2014 by Federal Lawyer
The problem with misnomers is not just the inaccuracy of designation which is either explicitly or implicitly conveyed, but the unintended consequences of the string of reactions and responses which can occur as a result thereof. Sometimes, interpretive mistakes occur purely on a subjective basis; in which case it is not truly a case of a misnomer, but rather merely the misunderstanding by the recipient of the information. Other times, a word or designation can be open to multiple meanings, [...]
  Disability Retirement for Federal and Postal Employees: The Diatribe
07/31/2014 by Federal Lawyer
There may well be an appropriate time for a lengthy diatribe. The act itself often finds its impetus in bitterness; it also implies a lack of control, overwhelmed by anger and originating in attribution by an act of injustice. But where emotion controls rationality, the loss of sequential propriety normally results in a corresponding lack of coherence [...]
  Context, Content and Vacuums in Federal Employee Disability Retirement Applications
07/30/2014 by Federal Lawyer
Vacuums constitute space devoid of matter. In the practical world, the mechanical tool used for removal of unwanted substances merely moves matter from one location to another; in theoretical physics, one encounters complex conceptual discussions which will often involve comparative analysis of partial vacuums in relation to pure vacuums. Discussions involving [...]
  Federal and Postal Disability Retirement: Orchestration
07/29/2014 by Federal Lawyer
The quality of a piece of music is defined by sound and silence. It is the former which is focused upon by most individuals; it is the importance of the latter which is ignored, precisely because the negation of X is never recognized as X until and unless its existence is suddenly lacking. Silence -- that momentary pause which allows for sound to pass by in waves of sonorous [...]
  Medical Retirement Benefits for US Government Employees: The Flux
07/28/2014 by Federal Lawyer
Life must of necessity involve change; otherwise, the definition of its corollary occurs, or at a minimum, a deadened spirit. But the tripartite self-contradiction of life, death, and the security of habituated changelessness entraps us all: In youth, the excitement of constant flux energizes; in later life, the unwelcome changes and interruption of daily routine leads to turmoil; [...]
  OPM Disability Retirement: Concealment through Repetition
07/26/2014 by Federal Lawyer
It is often through mindless repetition that concealment of truth can be accomplished, and with insidious efficiency. For, repetition of tasks; redundancy of toil; convenience of engagement in life's duties and obligations without thoughtful input; these can all be performed in monotonous automation without the participation of the one true essence of human uniqueness [...]
  Disability Retirement from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management: Concurrent Actions
07/25/2014 by Federal Lawyer
Idioms often convey an underlying truth recognized and identified by a specific culture or population; they are statements from an experiential aggregation of similitude, based upon a shared set of values. The phrase, "When it rains, it pours", is easily a recognizable idiom; that when things go wrong, multiple wrong things tend to occur altogether, all at once. [...]


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Approval of Disability by the Social Security Administration
Legal Analysis of Non-Statutory Laws

Approval of Disability by the Social Security Administration: In Trevan v. Office of Personnel Management, 69 F.3d 520, 526-27 (Fed. Cir. 1995), the Federal Circuit Court found that in making a determination of eligibility for disability retirement under FERS, the Board must consider an award of SSA disability benefits together with medical evidence provided by the appellant to OPM, and other evidence of disability. This is because the Federal Circuit Court wanted a consistency of determinations concerning disabilities, by all governmental agencies and departments. Social Security obviously has a stricter standard, and requires that an applicant be "totally disabled" in order to award benefits. I have effectively argued that similar determinations by other governmental agencies (such as the Veterans Administration) should also be required to be considered by the Office of Personnel Management.

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