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  FERS & CSRS Disability Retirement for Federal and Postal Workers: Intended Statements
11/01/2014 by Federal Lawyer
That which is intended can be different from what is stated; but from the reader's point of view, one can only decipher from the statement given, with any inferences to be logically implied, through the words as spoken or written in the linguistic encounter of any given subject matter. But we often hear that "I meant to say X," or that "Y was never meant to Z"; and that is a problem of word choices, and perhaps of unintended consequences resulting from a misuse of inappropriate application of stringing conceptual schemes without thoughtful input. [...]
  Federal and Postal Worker Medical Retirement: The Unnavigable Epistemological Gap
10/31/2014 by Federal Lawyer
The phrase itself is borrowed from Roger Scruton, who is perhaps one of the most influential philosopher of recent times. To be "influential" is perhaps problematic, for if the general public denies knowledge of an individual, to what degree can influence be determined? Public figures -- known entertainers, authors of general fiction, news anchors and talk show hosts -- are considered societal giants whose comments on culture, trends, values and norms demand attention and guru-like following. But philosophers tend to be relegated to academic ivory towers of irrelevance. [...]


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